Bug Out Gear | The Ultimate Guide to Building the Perfect Bug Out Bag

Welcome to Outlast.Today! We are a community of emergency responders who have worked and played together for over a decade. Our work as emergency responders has opened our eyes to the needs for preparedness. We are talking about INDIVIDUAL preparedness. FAMILY preparedness. Neighborhood Preparedness. Community involvement in community preparedness. WORKPLACE preparedness. And you know what? Once you are AWARE of the need for preparedness… this thing actually has influence in most aspects of your life. If you are new to preparedness, it may seem overwhelming on what to get and where to start… and I suppose that is why you are here?

Our team at Outlast.Today has invested… and wasted plenty of resources. Time and money spent buying and trying stuff that ended up being crap, and finding some stuff that blew our minds with quality and value. While we know that all of our friends out there have varying priorities and starting spots on their journey of preparedness, so we are making our core Outlast.Today Bug Out Checklist available to anyone who joins our community.


Here is the Outlast.Today Bug Out short list:
1. A Plan. Where are you going to go? How are you going to get there?
2. Your MONEY, cash cache, etc.
3. Dry & Warm Apparel: Best base layers, outerwear, socks, shoes and boots, etc.
4. A well-thought out First Aid Kit
5. A pack. Waterproof, internal frame, extra pockets, straps to attach additional cargo (like your sleeping bag)
6. Poncho and Tarp per person. These items are essential for crafting SHELTER in any situation.
7. FIRE. You need to be able to make fire; and this means you should have at least 3 sources of combustion so you can always start a fire.
8. WATER. We recommend (1) Puralytics SolarBag, (1) 27oz or 40oz Kleen Kanteen classic, (1) GRAYL Ultralight water filter (1)generic shamwow (1)Smart Bottle collapsable jug and (1) siphon-system specifically for water.
9. Protection. I prefer a Glock or two, plus a nice compact .22Pistol, and a knife. Although batons, stungun, baseball bats, and katana swords are acceptible alternatives.
10. Cordage: must have 100′ of 550 paracord, at least (for shelter and plenty of other things)
11. Cutting Tools: our ideal combination is a folding tree saw, a camp bowie knife, a buck knife, utility scissors, a food knife and a Leatherman Multitool.
12. Candles and Flashlight. Bringing candles is for more than light! But, you should also bring high-lumen flashlights with the right extra batteries.
13. Duct Tape. Duct Tape is an absolute must for its versatility and TACTical applications.
14. Sewing Kit. A cool little kit with needles and thread and heavy duty needles and thread.
15. Cotton Bandana! This is a completely underrated item, that you actually want at least 5 in your pack.
16. Communication! Your Iphone, portable battery packs, solar charging kit is the basics. But if you can get a weather radio, portable radio or better, get it!
17. A compass and Area maps. Compass is a must for long range travel or travel through wilderness or open spaces.

Source: Bug Out Gear | The Ultimate Guide to Building the Perfect Bug Out Bag

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