Delicious Food Options For Preparedness and Adventuring

Whether you are thinking about long term survival if SHTF or looking to stock up and keep some light weight and compact freeze dried meals on hand for adventuring about. Valley Food Storage is serving up delicious food options that will last up to 25 years in a durable Mylar storage bag. Weighing in at only a few ounces, and easy to prepare these food packs are perfect for camping, backpacking, and long term prepper storage. Valley Food Storage is also committed to providing their customers with the highest quality ingredients to do more than just fill your belly but give you the energy you need to master the elements. With no artificial preservatives or chemicals, no hydrogenated oils, no GMO, No MSG, and gluten free options available Valley Food Storage is guaranteed to have something for you. Buy delicious single packages, or in bulk, Valley Food Storage even has monthly plans at very reasonable prices.

Holiday Special 3 Month Value Supply, 40% Off!
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Holiday Special 3 Month Value Supply, 40% Off!

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