Freeze Dried Food is the PLAN for food! Preparedness Tips from Outlast.Today

There is absolutely no doubt in our minds… Freeze Dried Food and Freeze Dried Meal Packs (MRE-type products) are the BEST solution for individuals, families and companies who are looking to prepare for emergency scenario’s.  I’ve been an emergency preparedness subscriber for decades and I have learned the hard way about the canned food trap.  In the past, I had received advice from online “preppers” to grow your home emergency food stockpile by simply adding a few cans of food each trip to the grocery store.  While, Yes, this works for accumulating food supply; but canned foods aren’t fresh or ideal for diet/intake/health so we just weren’t going through those cans by their expiration dates.  Too many times I found myself cleaning out my food storage with way way too much going to waste!  Sure, the “prepper” plan is to cycle those foods so that you are not wasting, but that is easier said than done.

Ultimately, I have learned my canned foods lesson and switched over to Valley Food Storage freeze dried foods for my emergency supply, go-bags, food cache and at work food long-term emergency supply.  I have tried a buckets from Wise Company that I purchased off of QVC.  My next try was Mountain House Foods and these were good.  And I found Valley Food Storage which ended up being the ultimate solution for home or work emergency food supply needs.  While I still add canned albacore tune, canned chicken meat, tomato paste and condensed soup bases, that ends up being the extent to which my food supply has canned foods.  Now, my food supply is made up of freeze dried foods from the great manufacturers below:



  1.  Valley Food Storage – Whether you want a monthly plan or you want to buy full-meal 3-year package for each member of your family, Valley Food Storage has the product options, quality and longevity to be your top source of freeze dried survival food and emergency food cache. Valley Food Storage completely had me when I found out they also offers heirloom seeds packets for harvesting your own future crops! Valley Food Storage specializes in high-quality long term food storage made of NON-GMO ingredients and offer a wide variety of meal kits and emergency food supplies holding up the 25-year shelf life promise that other food storage manufacturers fail to deliver on.
  2.  Mountain House – Another direct-to-you company that has a great quality freeze dried foods product.  Mountain House offers a variety of kits and boasts a 30-year shelf life.  They have good tasting product and they have been one brand that has really grown over the past few years.  This is a solid freeze dried foods option to build your survival food cache with, or simply use for backpacking and hiking excursions.  The problem with these guys is their “Just In Case Buckets” are $100 for 29 servings which isn’t a great deal.
  3. Wise Foods – The HSN choice, and this is typically a great place to buy freeze dried food because you get an excellent price/quality/quantity value.  When the Home Shopping Network is offering this product, you can typically pick up a 150 servings meal bucket for that same $100.  It is a good start
  4. Cabela’s Emergency Food Bucket – We have a local BIG BOX Cabela’s close to where I live and, of course I have to stop in there now and again.  I bought one of the Cabela’s Emergency Food Bucket for $79.99.  The 60-servings is actually 6 packets that make 10 servings each.  So really, this might just be a weekend survival bucket for a small family.  Not great flavor and not ideal packaging for hiking, backpacking or survival applications.


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