Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 & the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panels

There are not too many “tech” tools for outdoors that really crank it up for me… but when I received this combo kit of the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 and its mate, the Goal Zero Nomad 7 portable solar panel I was blown away at its quality and versatility.  Flat out, this is a lighting and battery option that Outlast.Today recommends for all mid-term to long-term survival kits.  Yes, it is important to get good bright light…but where this set stands above the rest is the battery versatility.

1. The battery on the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 is the equivalent to the rechargeable battery packs on today’s cordless tools by Milwaukie, Dewalt and Ryobi.  Only, this rechargeable Li-Ion NMC battery is ready to be charges via USB port or even hand crank!

2. IF you do the right thing and make it a kit with the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus solar pad kit, this Lighthouse 400 USB chord connects directly into the Nomad 7 Plus solar for direct charging!  Once this battery it charged, you can use the battery and plug other devices (like your iphone or whatever else) and get them charged as well.

3.  Hand crank charging, Solar panel charging, and the ability to use this battery storage to charge other devices!  Absolute win.  If you are like me and have a handful of those mobile battery backups then you can also imagine how great this solar panel kit is to also charge and store even more power on those battery devices.  What a kit!!!

Before you watch the video: I’d like to personally recommend the way that I got this item, it was through www.GetCairn.com  which is one of those new “gift box” type shopping experiences.  My wife got me the “Obsidian Box” delivered quarterly and the first box I got had both the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 and the Nomad 7 Plus Solar charger.  I was blown away at the value and quality of this gift box.




Lighthouse 400

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