Grey Man: The Survivalist Wardrobe

Let’s all agree on something right now… Preppers can get carried away with things. It’s glariningly true. And, with attire, I see a lot of Totally Tacticals out there. I think S.W.A.T. is as cool as anyone, but the more tactical you appear is equally the more of a threat you will appear to be. One of Outlast.Today’s core paradigms of survival is Together. Together is so important because it implies you are not alone, and survival and adventure alike are meant to be shared.

Way too tactical

Don’t attract the heat!!! Besides, making allies or trading partners could be necessary for survival. If you appear too dangerous, you may not get a chance to negotiate. So here are some Grey Man inspired articles of clothing for the ultimate Bug Out/Grey Man Uniform:

  1. Great Baselayer sets.
  2. Socks, Socks and Socks.
  3. Backpacks that don’t look military or Molle’d out
  4. Blue Jeans over Camo Pants
  5. Grey Hoodie to blend in
  6. Black Hoodie to disappear
  7. Hiking boots over tactical boots
  8. Grey/Black Beanie when it’s cold
  9. Gloves that don’t hinder your dexterity and that will keep you warm

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