Top 10 Ways to start a fire

Fire is an essential skill and tool for survival in all circumstances, however, most modern day people are so civilized the only fire skill they have is with matches or a lighter… and some people can’t even manage those tools to start a small fire for cooking and warmth. Not to mention BOILING WATER. Water is another one of the core skills you MUST have multiple soulutions and skills for. Fire, not water, is what we are talking here; It’s good to know the Top 10 Ways to Start a Fire:

1. Bow Drill

2. Flint and Steel

3. Battery and Gum Wrapper

4. Battery and Steel Wool

5. Fire Plow

6. D Batteries and Cell Phone Cord

7. Soda Can and Sunlight

8. Condom Filled With Water

9. Pencil and Car Battery

10. Brake Fluid and Chlorine

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